Versatility Means Security

In the difficult economic climate, many people have resorted to a life of crime. Protecting your family, your home, and your belongings is the most important job for any homeowner. Our Wedgit® sliding glass door lock is an excellent system for securing your home. With an easy installation that takes less than a minute, you can add this great security measure to your home without the need for tools or drilling holes.

The Wedgit® is an excellent product because of its easy-to-use features, but its real strength lies in its versatility. Whether you need to large or small patio doors, windows, or sliding glass doors equipped with pet entry, the Wedgit® sliding glass door lock installs quickly and improves your overall home safety for a very modest price tag.
In addition to securing door panels, you can use the Wedgit® in single hung and sliding windows as well. Criminals often target windows as entry points into your home, and our patio door security bars are just as effective propped in windows as they are across sliding doors.

The design of the Wedgit® allows for it to stay out of your way when it is not in use. Because it’s not permanently attached, you can move the sliding door lock to anywhere you desire. Because of their compact size and affordable price tag, you can even bring a Wedgit® on vacation—especially useful when you are renting a house or cabin. Our sliding door security bars make excellent gifts for family members and friends for the holidays too.
While improving your home security, a Wedgit® also helps reduce your energy bills. With its Twist Tight fit, a weather-tight seal is formed that maintains your energy efficiency. By reducing heat loss in the winter and the escape of cool air in the summer, you can keep your bills down while keeping intruders out.

Able to withstand 600 pounds of force, our sliding glass door locks can improve the safety of your home and family overnight. Sleep soundly knowing your house is less vulnerable to intrusion, with Wedgit® sliding glass door locks from