Apartment Safety Tips: Sliding Door Security Bar and More

When you live in an apartment, and particularly if you live alone, you need to take certain safety precautions to avoid any kind of break-in and protect yourself from harm. By simply purchasing some new locks and a sliding door security bar you can take the first important steps in personal protection.

Sliding glass doors are a specific point of concern and are very common in apartments. They represent an easy target for thieves and other intruders. While getting a sliding door security bar is a good step, there is more you can do.

Sliding Door Security Bar

Cost-effective and easy to use, a sliding door security bar is your first line of defense. It’s a simple concept—one side of the sliding door security bar is screwed into the frame, the rod is adjusted for size, and once it is in place, the door cannot be opened.

Putting In New Locks & Adding a Lock

Check to see if your sliding door has a lever lock or an actual keyed lock. If there is a keyed lock, you should change it or request that it be changed by the property manager. Often, it is standard to change locks on the primary door between tenants, but don’t let them overlook the lock on the sliding door.

Consider installing a secondary lock on your sliding glass door and on the front door. If you have just the lever lock on the sliding glass door, this is a great way to prevent intruders. Typically, door locks are easy to find, quick to install, and readily available.

Alarm Systems

If you add a sliding door security bar and install new locks, but feel as though you want to even further protect yourself and your belongings, you should consider an alarm system for your apartment. Alarms are available in many forms and price points, so working with a local provider may be your best bet. They can install motion detectors and cameras for something elaborate, or you can opt for something as simple as a basic alarm package that alerts authorities after a break-in.

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