Child Proof Door Locks

Preparing for Baby: Child Proof Door Locks & Other Safety Features

When you first learn you are having a baby, you are completely enthralled and excited. You’ll tell your family and friends who will share in the excitement. Everyone swoons over the parents-to-be, throwing showers, making quilts, and giving well-intentioned advice. It can be a bit overwhelming, but a happy time, nonetheless.

Then, there’s the flip side: anxiety. Will you be a good parent? Will your baby be calm and peaceful or scream all night? And what about safety? You’re charged with keeping this little person happy and healthy, which can be stressful. There’s only so much you can do to ensure your parenting skills are up to snuff (and they will be!) or to calm a crying baby (that will happen, at least on occasion), but there are actual things you can do, like getting child proof door locks, outlet plugs, and more, to keep him or her safe. Doing some of these things may help you feel a bit more confident!

Child Proof Door Locks: Look around your home at all the doors and windows—they are baby land mines! You certainly don’t want the curious little guy to get out of your house, and you also don’t want any unwelcome intruder. We carry child proof door locks and window locks that will prevent any opening of sliding patio doors or windows that you don’t want.  Be sure to look at child proof door locks for pet doors as well.

Outlet Plugs: These items are cheap to get, easy to install, and can be wonderful for giving peace of mind and preventing a big problem. Babies naturally love to put fingers and small toys in little holes and those outlets are right at eye-level for a crawler. Simply buy the outlet covers and stick them in. Thus, accident averted!

Corner Guards: From fireplace hearths to coffee tables, you’ll soon see sharp edges in a whole new light. It will seem like so many things in your home are just stitches and concussions waiting to happen. Not to mention the fact that once little ones start crawling and walking, they are not too careful or steady!

With a few carefully chosen safety additions to your home, like child proof door locks, you’ll feel much more confident as a parent because you’re taking actual steps toward your child and your family’s safety.