Advantages of Patio Door Locks

Everyone wants to feel secure in their home, hoping for peace and comfort yet preparing for the worst. Some prefer to go completely high-tech, with internet-based home security systems that can be accessed any time from any location. Others may go so far as to have safe rooms or bunkers installed with weeks or months of rations available. Most of us, however, just want peace of mind and some common-sense theft and intruder deterrent methods. That’s where the Wedgit® adjustable charley bar style patio door locks come in!

  • Typically, if you live in a residential area that you would consider relatively safe you just need some basic products to help your home avoid being a target for would-be intruders. Patio door locks are highly effective tools for the following reasons:
  • There are two sizes available in our patio door locks—the MAXI, which adjusts from 25 inches to 42 inches, and the MINI, which adjusts from 15 inches to 25 inches. This means they will fit on virtually any window or sliding glass door in your home.
  • These patio door locks are easy to install or remove without using tools. You can add one or remove one to accommodate your needs at any time in mere minutes.
  • They are cost-effective. At just $24.99 for the MAXI and $21.99 for the MINI, there is no big monetary investment needed when you purchase patio door locks; however the peace of mind you gain is priceless.
  • Choose from white or tan locks to integrate these locks into your windows and doors without interfering with the look and décor of your home.
  • Lab-tested and made in the USA, these window and patio door locks are made to withstand 600 pounds of pressure, making them highly effective in preventing an intruder from entering your home through a patio door or window.
  • With our patented mounting system, you can easily swing the arm out of the way when using your sliding glass door, then return it to its place when you turn in for the night.

Additionally, these adjustable charley bar style patio door locks can be used with a pet door, making them extremely user-friendly. Our MAXI and MINI models are idea for families, single apartment owners, and virtually anyone who wants a simple, budget-friendly, and effective theft deterrent for their home.